Alison, March 2020

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Totally recommended!

Laurence was recommended to me by a few friends that were his patients, over the last few months he has worked on my back hip and leg injury and I’ve gone from walking a few step to walking further without aids. I’ve gone from weekly appointments to monthly due to my improvements. Thank you Laurence for your professional welcoming listening manner that you have and getting me mobile again.

Sharon, February 2020

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Highly recommended!

I have suffered over a period of more than a year with lower back pain. I have tried various treatments during that time and nothing worked. I was recommended to contact Laurence and so glad that I did. I had 4 sessions and cannot believe the difference it has made. I would highly recommend Laurence's expertise, cannot fault it.

Emma Pounder, 08 July 2019

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Excellent Treatment

Laurence was amazing really helped with my back pain postpartum... highly recommended to me and I would recommend him highly to anyone

VictoriaH-206, 10 Jun 2019

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Excellent service

I have suffered shoulder pain for at least 5 years and have seen numerous specialists to treat this problem. I have seen Laurence on 4 occasions and in that short period of time has managed to reduce the pain considerably, something that no-one else has achieved. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

CallumW-85, 09 Nov 2019

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Amazing help, support and treatment

I've been visiting Ashford Osteopathy since first trying their service a few years ago. Laurence has been great at treating the occasional back, joint or sporting injuries I've had comprehensively with the aim to have to having me back up to 100% and with advice on how to self maintain my joint and muscle health around the treatment provided. I've recommended him to some guys at work and they also had great results for their treatment. Dude knows his stuff ..... you're in safe hands there.

MartynT-31, 08 Dec 2018

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Excellent very professional friendly

I was dealing with real bad back pains and Laurence and his team were so helpful with everything providing the right advice and made you feel welcome and comfortable whilst I was being treated. Will definitely recommend using him and the team.

BenC-343, 12 Oct 2018

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Back Problem gone in 8 sessions!

I had suffered with a bad lower back for the past two years due to a weight lifting injury, I decided to do something about it and went to see Laurence as Ashford Osteopathy! Laurence seeked to resolve the cause of the problem which was lots tense muscle around a displacement in my lower back. After 8 treatments and some exercise to do daily my back is now fine and I face no issues with it. Highly recommend Laurence if you are suffering with a bad back!

GreenSpeaker84, 18 Apr 2018

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Excellent Pilates class

Upon your arrival to your first Pilates class Liz puts you totally at ease. She is friendly and perceptive as to what you need to enhance and progress in your Pilates class. My training has helped with my breathing technique, working with the equipment has helped with strengthening my muscles and improving my flexibility.
I am enjoying the experience and would thoroughly recommend it.

MSweeney-77, 03 Feb 2018

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I visited the clinic early after being involved in a car accident. Laurence is very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable even though I was in quite a lot of pain. I left after feeling quite relaxed and relieved of a lot of pain, after a few visits I'm back to my old self!!
The clinic is clean, tidy, warm and all staff are very friendly. I would definitely recommend a visit

GrayStamp76, 03 Feb 2018

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Excellent service and value for money

I'd been struggling with agonising shoulder pain for over 2 years, Laurence diagnosed the problem very quickly and after the 1st visit was 80 per cent better . One more visit and totally pain free now. Very professional and friendly service would highly recommend .

Mrs S Wivell-Ashford, July 2017

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Knowledgeable Osteopath

I have been treated by Laurence for around the last 4/5 years and can recommend him as an Osteopath. The clinic is in a clean and restful environment and the staff are all extremely friendly. Laurence is very knowledgeable about all areas of the body and also takes into consideration other factors that may be affecting it. Laurence also advises self help at home, you don’t feel pressured into having lots of appointments which I have experienced at other clinics. If there are any issues in-between appointments he is accessible and happy to give advice.

Mrs Heather-Feltham, 2017.

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I moved to the area not long ago, and nobody could recommend a good, local osteopath, so it was down to Google and me. I really struck lucky! Not only did Laurence manipulate me so that the pain disappeared, but he advised me of some exercises I could do to stop the problem recurring. This is such a vital part of self help, and not all osteopaths believe in it, as they want you to keep returning to them.It's always a nice environment, and calming which I'm sure helps the procedure's success.I've never had to wait long for an appointment either, which can be a real life-saver when I\'m in pain.

Mrs Doncaster-Ashford, 2017.

Review submitted via infoashfordosteopathy.com

Having suffered for a few years from severe back pain and excruciating headaches, I relied on painkillers and occasional massage to attempt to keep symptoms at bay. After a particularly bad headache and agonizing muscle pain lasting for around 6 days, I was ready to try anything. I contacted my local osteopathic clinic to and see of something can be done to alleviate the symptoms. Laurence was the osteopath available and his easy manner and a competent diagnosis reassured me straight away. I was amazed to discover, that after 2 dedicated treatments my symptoms appeared to be completely cured. As the problems I suffer from are stress related, I have continued to see Laurence occasionally during particularly stressful times. However, the problems are kept at bay and I am absolutely delighted. Since our initial introduction, Laurence has also treated members of my immediate family and close friends with outstanding results. I would have no hesitation in recommending Laurence and hope he continues to work in Ashford for a very long time.

Ms J Thomas, Feltham, 2017.

Review submitted via infoashfordosteopathy.com

Following a car accident in 2006 resulting in a whiplash injury to my shoulder/neck I suffered a lot of discomfort which was affecting my work, sleep and hobbies. Since been a patient of Laurence, I have seen a massive reduction in the frequency and level of pain I have suffered. I now only visit occasionally when I feel necessary. I have found Laurence to be very friendly, enthusiastic and informative, providing information on exercises that will help along with the Osteopathy sessions. I highly recommend him to anyone who shows an interest in needing an Osteopath.

Mrs Tsamplakos-Ashford, 2016.

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I had not been to an osteopath before and I admit I was sceptical but after 6 months of suffering with a mysterious shoulder pain, I was getting nowhere fast on my own. I was also concerned I would be coerced into countless visits at considerable expense. Laurence was highly recommended to me so I tentatively made an appointment. I felt optimistic within 15 minutes of meeting Laurence. His skill and expertise quickly shone through without the need for my eyes to glaze over and ears to begin tuning out, because Laurence does not indulge in unnecessary verbal gymnastics with medical jargon that just befuddles me! After just one treatment, I was astonished to notice significant improvements. My range of movement was considerably better, pain reduced and I have greater use of my arm. The second visit was equally impressive. I expect to make one more visit and trust Laurence’s judgement for further action. I am an osteopath convert !

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