Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massage

From the onset of your pregnancy the body adjusts as it prepares to carry your baby.

The changes in your posture often cause tightness and stiffness in your muscles.

Pregnancy massage can be a relaxing way of releasing tension and easing muscle tightness. 

Our massage therapist is qualified, insured and has valuable experience of treating expectant mothers.

Your appointment will include a consultation before your massage. This will allow you to tell us the purpose of your visit. 

We will ask some questions relating to your health, the progress of your pregnancy and take your blood pressure. 

You may need to relax and relieve the symptoms of stress. Or you may have more persistent muscular niggles related to your pregnancy, we are frequently able to help.

After your massage, our therapist Alice is able to provide aftercare advice  and stretches specifically relating to your pregnancy.

Appointments are available throughout the week, we also offer Saturday and  selected evening appointments.

Pregnancy massage 45 mins £45

Gift vouchers available-please call 01784 770 321 for more information.

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