Massage Benefits

Swedish massage offers a light, gentle, relaxed treatment using a variety of techniques.

As tight muscles are released and blood flow increases, toxins are stimulated from the body. Before your treatment your therapist will identify any medical considerations and the purpose of your visit. Whether you just want to unwind or have specific tension. Your massage will leave you feeling light and relaxed.

We offer Swedish massages lasting 30 and 60 minutes, both are great for releasing stress.

Full body massage60 mins £47
Upper body 30 mins £32

Sports massage is great for the prevention and treatment of sports injuries. Treating the muscles it helps promote recovery, reduce muscular spasms and cramps. This type of massage can help anyone who wishes to keep their muscles flexible and supple, preventing the risk of injury.

We offer sports massage with Male or Female therapists. Both Bernie and Lisa are passionate about the prevention and treatment of sports injuries. Their experience and knowledge is enhanced by their participation in sports and having worked at sporting events.

Both therapists studied at St. Mary's University Twickenham, and treat a variety of patients including runners, tennis players and those who wish to remain supple and avoid stiffness.

Your initial visit will include a case history, examination and sports massage.

Appointments are available throughout the week including late on Wednesday evenings and Saturdays mornings.

Sports Massage60 mins £52
Sports Massage 30 mins£37

If you want to find out more, we will be happy to talk to you about you about Massage.

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