Covid19 Precautions

To help reduce the risk of Covid 19 we have implemented the following:

  • Screening of all patients on the telephone to ensure it is appropriate for you to visit the clinic. Unfortunately we are unable to treat patients with symptoms of Covid 19, those in self isolation or who have been designated in a high risk category.
  • We have made amendments to the clinic in accordance with NHS and the institute of Osteopathy guidelines. This has included the removal of any items deemed unnecessary or that may promote cross contamination.
  • Implemented new cleaning procedures after each patient. All hard surfaces and commonly handled items (door handles, card machine, keyboards etc) are disinfected.
  • Allow ample time between appointments to avoid patient interaction.
  • Only coming into work at the clinic if we feel fit and well.
  • Change our clothing before the start/end of the working day.
  • Wear the appropriate PPE as per the NHS guidelines.
  • This will include masks, aprons, gloves and a visor where appropriate.
  • Disposing of clinic waste in a safe manner.

If you are visiting our clinic we will ask you to:

  • Inform us should you feel unwell before or after your appointment.
  • Wear a face mask.
  • Wash your hands on arrival.
  • Only bring essential items with you
  • Confirm you understand: *the measures we have made, *the importance for you to follow the guidance provided, *we are all at risk of contracting Covid 19- but by practising good hygiene we can reduce our vulnerability to infection.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to drop us a line or you can call us on 01784 770321.

We will continue to deliver the same level of treatment and look forward to seeing you soon.